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The next generation of customer is already here. Anticipating, comparing and sharing their brand experience with the world.
They are tech-savvy, social and smart, armed with the tools and data to make informed decisions and selective purchases.  


At ALJ Management Solutions, we help you "shift smartly," meeting evolving customer needs while also increasing efficiencies. Our order-to-cash solutions  provide you with strategies and technologies to thrive in the next generation. 

Operations Diagnostics

From order management to reporting, optimize your order-to-cash processes to streamline costs and boost results.

Customer Care

Delight your customers at every touch-point, from single billing solutions to full-service call centers. 

Customers prefer to text, so why not connect with them the same way? We partner with industry-leader "Solutions by Text" for  real-time, two-way texting, pay-by-text and related SMS business tools and API integration. 

Proprietary Technology: Solutions by Text

Staff Augmentation/Overflow

Respond to project needs and business objectives with highly-trained, customized talent solutions.

Customer Lifecycle Optimization

Develop lifelong customers through smarter acquisition, engagement and retention strategies.

Analytics & Business Insights

Translate diverse data sets into sales growth, reduced costs and an exceptional customer experience.

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